Friend Vs. Professional

I have heard from several brides that after their big announcement, there is always a friend who offers to do their Bridal Hair & Makeup. And why not take them up on that offer?? With a wedding these days averaging around $30,000 dollars in San Diego, cutting costs is on everyone’s mind. But the questions is, where can you compromise and where you shouldn’t. Of course I’m a little biased-yes, but I have also seen disaster unfold far too often.

If you’re considering utilizing a friend, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they reliable ?
  • can they achieve your desired look?
  • do they have the speed to stay on track with your timeline?
  • are they part of your bridal party?

Something brides often hear me say, “while your place settings and/or food may be forgotten, your pictures and how you look in those photos will last a lifetime.” So why cut costs there? If you are a bride on a budget, reach out to the Hairstylist/Artist that you are interested in and tell them how much you love their work! They may be able to work with you on price depending on what day of the week your wedding will be held, location, time of day, number of people/services you have to book, etc. Give as much information as possible when inquiring and don’t be afraid to tell them what your bottomline budget is.

When you hire a true wedding day professional, they should be able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and go that extra mile for you on the most important day of your life. And you can’t buy peace of mind.

Photography by: Rad and in Love

Hair & Makeup by: Rare Bird Bridesradandinlove_mdayaandshawn-1136radandinlove_mdayaandshawn-0119radandinlove_mdayaandshawn-3735