What are the benefits of Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush Makeup feels light as air on the skin while providing maximum flawless coverage; it lasts 18+ hours, is high-definition for photographs, and is water resistant. In addition, it works well to camouflage fine lines and is ideal for oily skin types to combat shine.

Are Eyelashes included?

Strip Eyelashes are included with every Makeup service. Individual Eyelashes are available upon request for an extra charge.

How long does a Hair & Makeup Trial take?

Hair & Makeup Trials typically last between 1.5-3 hours and is entirely dependent on each individual bride. Hair & Makeup Trials will last up to 3 hours.

On my Wedding Day, what should I make sure that the hotel/venue is equipped with?

An area with natural light is ideal for Makeup applications and Hair services need to be done in front of a mirror.

How many Hair and Makeup looks can I test at the trial run?

It's best to narrow it down to 2 different hairstyles that you like and 1-2 Makeup looks. Hair & Makeup Trials will last up to 3 hours.

At the trial, should I bring photos of Hair and Makeup looks I like? What about photos of my wedding dress, decor, venue or other inspiration?

Yes, please bring pictures or inspiration of what you are envisioning for your wedding day. Pictures speak a thousand words and help immensely in the consultation process.

If I change my mind about my bridal beauty look, is there a charge for a re-trial? Should I bring my veil/accessories to the trial? What if I don't have them yet?

If you change your mind about your Bridal Hair & Makeup before your wedding day, that is completely fine and you will have to determine whether you need to do a re-trial. The charge for a trial is the same whether you decide to do 1 or 5. Veil's and accessories are typically easy to incorporate on the wedding day but always great to bring to the trial if you have them. The exception to this is if you have an accessory that is larger and that your hairstyle is styled around.

Do you have any other commitments on my wedding day?

When you are ready to sign the Wedding Day Services Contract, you will need to provide the time in which you and your bridal party will need to be finished. Two weddings can be booked in a day if timing and locations allow.

Do you require a minimum number of bridesmaids/mothers services before traveling to a site?

There is a 4 person minimum required for travel and to not incur a travel fee.

Are you able to airbrush other parts of the body?

The neck and décolletage are included with the Makeup service price. There is an extra charge for other areas that are airbrushed.

Do you bring an assistant on the day of my wedding?

The size of your wedding party and the services you are booking for will determine if an assistant is provided.