2017 Wedding Trends: Hair & Makeup

Happy Holidays! I hope as you read this, that you had a wonderful holiday season with you and yours. Today, as we near the onset of 2017, I wanted to share some of my favorite 2017 wedding trends for bridal hair and makeup.

Braids: From long, fishtail braids; to dramatic "braid mazes"; to taut, sleek braided updos, braids are a popular bridal hair trend for 2017. I can't wait to experiment with different braided looks on my upcoming brides.

2017 wedding trends[Image from Fashioners]

Strong Brows: I love the juxtaposition of a strong, youthful brow, and pink, rosy cheeks. It's such a fresh, youthful look, and for those who are used to wearing a strong brow, this is a perfect 2017 trend to add to your bridal look.

2017 wedding trends[Image from Yahoo! Beauty]

Pearlescent Highlight: Everyone loved a good highlight in 2016, and the same will be said for 2017. Trend reports are showing a touch of pearlescent sheen on the cheek bones and in the inner corners of the eyes. I love that this trend is suitable all year long.

2017 wedding trends[Image from Once Wed]

Undone Buns: I love the 2017 bridal hair trend of an undone top knot, with frayed pieces of hair framing the face and softening the look. I think this hairstyle is particularly charming with a more structured wedding dress

2017 wedding trends[Image from I Take You]

Glowy Skin: 2017 bridal makeup looks boast natural, dewy skin. Think: a fresh, effortless, yet polished base, using tinted moisturizers and pin-point concealing, in lieu of heavy, full coverage foundations.

2017 wedding trends[Image from Brit + Co]

Hair Accessories: Whether it be crowns, beaded headpieces, or miniature bouquets of fresh flowers, 2017 will be filled with bridal hair accessories. A unique hair accessory is the perfect way to add the bride's personality into her hairstyle, and as a bonus, it will often photograph beautifully!

2017 wedding trends[Image from Harper's Bazaar]